This is my "canvas", where I "sling paint". It has no structure. No agenda. It is a stream of consciousness, ideas, perspectives, and interests. It is words and pictures. Don't take it too seriously.

exfoliate your face; go for a run; drink some wine; light a candle

go to bed early; wake up early; drink good coffee; create freely; eat lunch; then who knows...

Stop buying stuff you are "suppose" to like. Overhyped, overpriced. Invest in yourself and your future. 

"backpack cat, with luxury tastebuds" - Kanye West

Actual Source... publisher, bookstore, brand, and agency. Woah.

lei·sure·ly things: distance running, wine, vinyl records, pour over coffee, beaching

"My major piece of advice is do 6 projects at one time. Otherwise, you aren't doing anything... or you are limiting your opportunity for people to see all the things you are doing."

- Virgil Abloh

"I am not interested in fashion. I'm just interested in how to cut the clothing." - Yohji Yamamoto

Sampha- Too much

Faig Ahmed rugs!!!

new rule: Answer the phone when your friends call. Every time. Don't ignore them

CHERNOBYL - a television masterpiece


Rivers and Roads and Cellphones

Nothing Wasted

Throw it in the water and see what floats

"Rules for a Knight" by Ethan Hawke. A book of concise wisdom. The writing on discipline is my favorite for now. 

My favorite thing about working from home. I can wear my Fear of God sweatpants and vintage tee every day. Pure comfort without being underdressed or sloppy. It's because of the way the sweats are cut and the fit of the tee. I would go to a gallery opening in this same outfit. 

"Deep End" by Lecrae - best song of 2020

Dreams without goals are far off thoughts of the imagination. Goals make dreams tangible. 

At the start of 2020, I picked up the hobby of distance running and fell in love. It is a great escape. It takes your mind off yourself. You become someone other. Focus on your breath. Your stride. Your environment. But not yourself. Focus on getting better every week and work toward a goal. The physical motion of running helps me stay moving in other parts of my life. It is all connected. How you do one thing is how you do all things. 

I am inspired most by the success of authentic people.

SSENSE has a really nice website. Great clothes, clean presentation. 

SSENSE is to website what STAMPD is to ig profile

“I decided that architecture was a way of thinking. It wasn’t a practice that I was going to be labeled with the rest of my life...Its a matter of playing with materials and mediums to make an expression”

- Virgil Abloh

You get what you pay for. 

I am realizing how much I value simplicity and practicality. I like the thing that is easy to use. The iPhone, the Airpods, the push to start, etc. I don't like complexity for the sake of complexity. Life and the world are complex enough. Keep things simple and the overlay of multiple simplicities will create embedded complexities. Keep things practical. Uncomfortable clothes are out. Uncomfortable shoes are out. Clogged, un-intuitive interfaces are out. If I open your app and I cannot figure it out quickly, It is deleted. I want the garment that is comfortable and looks great. I want it to be pure. Not overdone. Simple is timeless. Simple is solutions-based. solutions make things relevant. Complexity makes things complicated in an already messy world. 

The New Museum in NYC by SANAA is a great example of simplicity yielding complexity. If you get a chance, check out the East fire stair. It is amazing. 

I have been playing Halo 3 lately as it re-released on PC. It is pure nostalgia, back to the days of me playing in my bedroom. Headset on, talking with my buddies. I played competitively, not just for fun. I wanted to be the best, though I never was. I was always JUST good enough to be around the REALLLLY good kids, but never good enough to outperform them. 9/10 stars. But that isn't why I write. I write because that game is so damn good. The animations, the movement, the teamwork, the communication, the simplicity. THE SIMPLICITY! That is what makes it ( and COD: modern warfare) so good. It is the stripped down nature of these games. It eliminates the variables that make the game too complicated and unpredictable. Players move at one speed. They all have the same weapons. The maps are perfectly sized. Power weapons are spawned in neutral locations so that each time has a chance at them. No perks. No added abilities. No radar to tell you where enemies are. You only know where they are based on your teammates "callouts" and instinct. It is stripped down. You have to rely on your talent, your smarts, and your teammates. It is "hardcore" in that sense. I tend to like hardcore things.

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